Caribbean Grill Stack

Windward Island Rub, Oaxacan Mole Rub and Gentle Jerk stacked up in a cellophane sack topped with a festive Vervacious bow.
Windward Island Rub is a very unique and innovative rub for seafood based on a practice we discoverd in Martique of feeding land crabs a diet of coconut and hot pepper for a couple of weeks before cooking. It's wonderful with pan-seared scallops, grilled or roasted Salmon, all all sorts of other fish and seafood.
Oaxacan Mole Roasting Rub is deeply sensuous and brimming with over 20 different heart warming spices. It's great with roasted squash, roast turkey or chicken, terrific with sliced dates, and amazing with grilled beef.
Gentle Jerk Grilling and Roasting Rub is full of exotic Jerk Flavor and without being over-poweringly hot. The exciting flavors pair beautifully with just about anything, especially chicken, roasted root vegetables, and lamb, pork, and beef.
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Caribbean Grill Stack
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